Thursday, October 25, 2012

Praise The Lord

                All day I have been singing praise and worship songs to God for no reason what so ever, except for the fact that the Lord is good! It is good to know that God does not have to do something in order to deserve praise. It is even better to know that I do not have to do anything in order to feel joyful. In fact, I did nothing today in order to deserve this joy! God was just gracious and gave me a good day!

                In all that we do, let us not worry about deeds and stress; but instead just praise the Lord. Even now, as you are going through a good time, praise the Lord for being so good! Do not forget who gave you all that you have. Even now, as you are having a bad day, praise the Lord for being so good! He is allowing you to have bad times so that you can experience the good. He will let you face your consequences to help you grow. He will allow you to feel tested in order to grow your faith and show you how far in Christ you have come. In all things, praise the Lord, for He was good, is good, and will forever be good. There is no reason not to praise Him!

                Do not be timid or afraid of praising the Lord. Sing His praises if it is on your heart! People walk around singing secular music or humming beats or rapping. Why will you not sing praises to the Lord? Are you embarrassed to praise the Lord with all of your heart, or is His worship so holy that you cannot speak it in front of sinners? We must put away this mentality of being judged and judging others and just praise the Lord! We are no better or worse than anyone else. There is nothing that can overcome us.

                Let us put all things aside and just praise the Lord continually! Do not shove God into fifteen minutes before you start your day or a quick prayer before you go to bed. Praise Him at all times! Again, I shall repeat it to make sure that you know the importance, praise the Lord!


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